Tafsir Surah Al-Fatihah

  • Umi Nuriyatur Rohmah
Keywords: Tafsir,, Surah al-Fatihah,, Djohan Effendi


Surah al-Fa>tih}ah is the opening surah of the Koran that contains the essencial knowledge of the entire surah in Koran. Learning the content of surah al-Fa>tih}ah means learning the whole Koran too. This article discusses about Djohan Effendi’s interpretation about Surah al-Fa>tih}ah: Research on book Pesan-pesan al-Qur’an: Mencoba Mengerti Intisari Kitab Suci. The core theme of this article is reveal Effendi’s interpretation about Surah al-Fa>tih}ah. The approach used in this article is analitical description (deskriptif analitis), it means to describe about Djohan Effendi’s interpretation about Surah al-Fa>tih}ah sistematically, objectively, and analitically. The result of this article is there are 4 (four) words those must be understood correctly, those are: Rabb, Rah}ma>n, Rah}i>m, and Ma>lik. These words explain the position of Allah as the God of universe (Rabb al-‘A<lami>n), the God who create and keep it, explaining His relaition with human as manifestation of His Rah}ma>niyyah and Ra>h}i>miyyah, His unconditional love and mercies, realize human that they will be responsible their doing in front of Ma>lik Yaum al-Di>n, the King of Judgement Day.

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